anri sala - all of a tremble

september 21 – october 28, 2017



anri sala, all of a tremble (delusion/devolution) score, 2017.

kurimanzutto is pleased to present the second exhibition by artist Anri Sala in the gallery. Titled All of a Tremble the exhibition explores the relationship between image construction and the physicality of sound.


Situated across two opposite walls in the main gallery space, Sala mechanizes the process of synesthesia, the perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway, in this case the image, leads to automatic experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway, here the sound.


In that sense, sala materializes the shared intersectional limit between the two senses, locating meaning within this gap: the installation works sound and visuality against one another to expose an altogether new sensory dimension, found at the point of their encounter.


In these installations the designs, while manually imprinted on strips of wallpaper by pressing a pencil on the paper against the roller, make reference to the aesthetics of domestic wallpaper design, commenting how originally they were handpainted or applied by block printing.


Two works in the gallery space – All of a Tremble (Encounter II) and All of a Tremble (Delusion/Devolution) – face each other and produce images that take on cinematograpic language: while on one wall two distinct floral motifs encounter each other, referencing a cut, the pattern on the opposite wall slowly recedes in a fade-out.


Through the continuous rotation of a wallpaper printing cylinder around its own axis, its needles streak against the reeds of a metallic comb to produce musical notes and phrases, thus physicalizing the sound of the neighboring patterns. Across both walls Sala exposes that very moment when an image transforms into sound, and sound into an image.


While All of a Tremble (Encounter II) is a large-scale drawing that plays the encounter between two vintage wallpaper patterns and the melodic traces which comprise their formal composition; it is at once the visual manifestation of their merger and the subsequent soundtrack of their union.


At the opposite side of the space, the symbiosis of sound and image ignited by All of a Tremble (Delusion/Devolution) creates scenes of rural dwellings found in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves dispersed across filmic forest landscapes.The recognizable Disney forms – Bambi, Micky Mouse and The Seven Dwarves, to name a few –start out very compact, yet gradually as the cylinder choreographs itself across the wall, the forms become evenly spaced, and more abstract in style. In that sense, All of a Tremble (Delusion/Devolution) displays a journey from figuration to abstraction through the relationship generated between sound and image.


Overall All of a Tremble not only continues Sala’s fascination with repetition — like an echo that becomes a dynamic concept and constructs itself anew in other moments and spaces. But also how image and sound coexist in an interdependent fashion, with the patterns of each tracing one another. Sala develops theory of separatism and fusion, looking at how opposing mediums can work in conjunction with one another through a process of sensory amalgamation.The works illustrates how sound can become a means through which to investigate the relationships between form and formation, process andproduction, being and becoming.

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