abraham cruzvillegas - honolulu biennial 2019: to make wrong/right/now

ward village - hawai
march 8 - may 5, 2019

Kurimanzutto is pleased to announce the participation of Abraham Cruzvillegas in the Honolulu Biennial 2019. 

TO MAKE WRONG / RIGHT / NOW embraces the polyvocality of each venue as a repository of enduring histories and the continuum of indigenous knowledge. The venues have been carefully selected for their ties to the curatorial approach and the works this approach has inspired. Collectively, the sites reflect a deep reverence for land, ocean, wahi pana (storied places) and the genealogical ties within Hawaiʻi and the wider Pacific region. The selection of sites extend the Biennial beyond an engagement with contemporary art towards a deeper connection with the histories and stories that are of, and unique to, this place.



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