allora & calzadilla - anthropocenic: art about the natural world in the human era

bates college museum of art - maine
october 27, 2018 - march 23, 2019

allora & calzadilla, the great silence video image (in collaboration with ted chiang), 2014. 

Geologists have been thinking about how the Holocene, the geological period that began after the end of the last ice age around 12,000 years ago, has been replaced by the Anthropocene. This potential new epoch is named for humans and is defined as one in which our impact on the world has been so acute that it is in the geologic evidence. Several dates and causes are often discussed as the beginning of the Anthropocene. Regardless of whether one is ultimately chosen as the beginning of the Anthropocene, each provides rock solid evidence that humans have had environment-changing impact on the natural world. 


Anthropocenic: Art About the Natural World in the Human Era is a topical and compelling group exhibition by artists like Allora & Calzadilla, Sammy Baloji, Timothy Berry, Ursula Biemman, Michel Droge, Deb Hall and more, who will make art pieces about nature, the natural world, and our effect on and interrelation with it in the 21st century. The artists explore the relationship of humans to the world with widely varied conceptual strategies, artistic practices, and media. Some address the human impact on the natural world directly, while for others the relationship to the Anthropocene is more oblique. The exhibiting artists work in most media from painting and sculpture to video and infographics. Some of the strategies they employ include incorporating the sciences and other disciplines into their work; working with teams of artists, scientists, students, and others; and creating project-based works exploring the theme.

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