danh vo - south london gallery

south london gallery - london
september 19 - november 24, 2019

studio danh vo güldenhof. photo: nick ash

The South London Gallery presents the first major solo exhibition in London by artist Danh Vo. It will be the first solo show to span the Main Gallery space and the Fire Station building. The exhibition will also involve projects in the Fire Station Kitchen, siting an outdoor work on Pelican housing estate where the SLG has a long-established relationship with residents, and the transformation of Art Block, the SLG’s permanent art space for children on Sceaux Gardens estate. Central to the concept of the show will be ideas around plurality, with the artist working across these multiple spaces, using a variety of working methods and collaborating with numerous different people in the course of its creation, be they his father, friend, lover or professor, his students, technicians or other people he encounters along the way.


The exhibition will continue Danh Vo’s largely conceptual practice in which he weaves together archival fragments and personal references, often evoking experiences of migration and integration to destabilise the embedded structures of legitimacy within citizenship and identification. The Japanese-American sculptor, Isamu Noguchi (1904-88), considered hybridity to be the core of his identity, the method and subject of his work, and strove to create something universal through bringing together the natural and the manmade. He has been a hugely influential figure for Danh Vo, his work being a guideline throughout Vo’s practice, and never more so than in the conception of this expansive exhibition.

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