iñaki bonillas, damián ortega - bibliotecas insólitas

arts santa mònica - barcelona
january 30 - april 23, 2018

iñaki bonillas, la biblioteca de los hombres calvos, 2018.

Bibliotecas insólitas brings together in one project the idea of ​​"infinite library", insatiable, always changing and open to all kinds of knowledge, with contributions made by contemporary artists, which from the end of the sixties and up to the present, they have reviewed the idea of ​​library, archive and book as an inexhaustible source of knowledge and have been interested in artist editions, an artistic modality that, in spite of its apparent marginality, occupies an important place in its aesthetic discourse in all of them .

The selected artists present their artist editions and for this they have designed their own exhibition space according to how they wish to integrate the viewer in the consultation of their editions. The project shows a selection of "personal libraries" in which will be assembled artist editions, reference books, drawings and personal objects, in short, something similar to what we could find in our own library.