Mariana Castillo Deball y Carlos Sandoval - fatalismo mágico

tetetlán - mexico city
november 7, 2018 - 7 pm

mariana castillo deball y carlos sandoval, fatalismo mágico - ópera sobre el deseo y la nostalgia en cuatro actos, vinyl, 2018.

Fatalismo Mágico is based on four characters that move on four routes: each one possesses a specific knowledge related to their environment, but at the same time they share an integrating approach, almost symbiotic with it. Los Morilleros, the Tortillera del oáculo, El Barrendera and El Yerbero can interpret, read and cure. Each character travels his own route-landscape. The interactions and encounters of each character in their route were recorded and from this material four sound pieces included in a double edition of vinyl were created. The landscape drawing shapes the territory in which the characters moved.