miguel calderón - somos aunque nos olviden

uh tlatelolco - mexico City
may 15 - 30, 2020



Video Intervention Program

UH Tlatelolco

A project by Eder Castillo and Gabriel Escalante


May 15 - 30, 2020 

Artists: Christain Jankowski (DE), Miguel Calderón (MX), Olaf Breuning (CH), Pablo Vargas Lugo (MX)
Curator: Gabriel Escalante (MX)


SOMOS AUNQUE NOS OLVIDEN is a video projection program done in collaboration with Tlatelolco Central. In it, international artists intervene public space, using the wall, and the windows of Building 5 de febrero as an audiovisual canvas. This historical building is located in the second section of the housing complex of Tlatelolco in Mexico City.


The initiative, more than an exhibition project, is presented as an alternative connection with art as a response to confinement. It works as a visual escape and metaphor for lockdown and invites us to look outside, at public life, urban landscape and what the experience of “being there” can provoke.

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