tarek atoui - marfa sounding

may 25 - 27, 2018

marfa sounding, marfa, 2018.

Over this Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-27, 2018, Marfa Live Arts in collaboration with Fieldwork Marfa will showcase artist Tarek Atoui’s examination of sound, place, and the social practice of improvisation across the varied landscapes of Marfa, Texas. Renowned musicians Amma Ateria, Jad Atoui, and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe will perform alongside members of Marfa’s community and international students, who are invited to participate beginning with a series of open rehearsals on Tuesday, May 22 at Vizcaino Park and Thursday, May 24 at Saint George Hall.

2018 marks the third and final year of Marfa Sounding. Beginning in 2016, this annual program explores the role of ​music and dance in the development of ​Minimalism. ​​Investigating how these relationships continue to develop in contemporary practice, Marfa Sounding presents iconic ​and newly commissioned ​sound and movement works​ in dialogue with with Marfa’s architectures, landscapes, and communities.

This year’s three-day program, with events at the Crowley Theater on Friday, May 25th, Saint George Hall on Saturday, May 26th, and Vizcaino Park on Sunday, May 27th, will feature instruments created by Tarek Atoui and will invite members of the community and international students to participate as performers alongside professional musicians. Co-curated by Ida Soulard and Jennifer Burris Staton, this program is made possible through collaboration with Meyer Sound Laboratories in Berkeley, California, a company that manufactures new technologies for electroacoustic architecture.


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