minerva cuevas en la bienal de berlin

Do you believe in reality? What a question, you’ll reply. Reality isn’t something you believe in. It proverbially catches up with you anyway – always. But then what are we talking about here? Maybe we could talk about the fact that you so often hear people saying something was different ‘in reality’? Or about why it has become so customary to add a ‘really‘ or an ‘actually’ or an ‘in fact’ to so many of the things we say? Let’s talk about the cracks in reality, about the gap between the world we talk about and the world that’s really there. But why this distinction? Because reality is always the other? Or the others? Everything that’s waiting out there?
Let’s talk about the self-deceptions where reality becomes too painful. Let’s talk about the fictional arsenal of the mass media and consumerism, about the rhetoric of distraction and appeasement.
Won’t that ultimately lead us to question contemporary art, and its relationship to reality?

From June 11 to August 08, 2010, at several locations in Berlin, the 6th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art will bring together numerous artistic positions on the present. Michael Schmidt’s photographic works are the first artistic contribution to the biennial and will accompany it in the public realm and the media throughout its duration.
The biennial will be contextualized by an exhibition with works by Adolph Menzel (1815–1905), curated – at the invitation of Kathrin Rhomberg – by the American art historian Michael Fried in cooperation with the Alte Nationalgalerie⎮Old National Gallery and the Kupferstichkabinett⎮Museum of Prints and Drawings of the National Museums in Berlin. 

Disidencias, video still, 2005
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Mariana Castillo Deball
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