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carlos amorales - a project in collaboration with kurimanzutto and wiego


As a way to support the new reality in which we are living, while distanced and protected in order to avoid contagion, the artist Carlos Amorales has started a project to aid in the protection of those who work in the informal economies of Mexico City.


Through a system of unified sewing workshops and collaborative distribution by the NGO, WIEGO (Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing & Organizing), and fundraising by kurimanzutto, 3,500 reusable masks will be distributed weekly among different sectors of workers in public spaces.


For the production of these masks, Amorales has collaborated with designer Janet Martínez, who has worked with him for 7 years, and who maintains relationships with clothes manufacturing professionals. The creation of these mouth covers reactivates the economy of various sewing workshops located in Chimalhuacán, Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl and Ecatepec –family businesses that due to the virus need to maintain their economic activity.

For the distribution of the masks, an alliance was established with the NGO WIEGO, thanks to its director in Mexico, Tania Espinoza Sánchez. Hereby maintaining links to different sectors of society such as shoe shiners, magazine vendors, musicians, craft vendors, public cleaning service providers, and domestic workers who cannot afford to stop working and thereby remain at risk of contagion, and will be the main beneficiaries of the project. 

Amorales opened this project to people close to the art world to create a chain of solidarity that connects collectors, galleries, artists and their assistants with sewing workshops, NGO’s, and people in need of protection. In this sense, they al compose a working network of collaboration, support and protection that becomes visible through this community chain.


In solidarity with this initiative, kurimanzutto joined enthusiastically and has worked as a link between other benefactors to ensure the financing of the project and will support one week of mask making and distribution. Each week, a different benefactor is invited to donate 35,000 pesos in order to finance the production of 3,500 masks that will be distributed for free.


We thank all donors who have joined the project so far! 


If you’re interested in participating in Carlos Amorales’ iniciative please contact
Julia Villaseñor: