alexandra bachzetsis - escape act - swiss premiere

theaterhaus gessnerallee - zurich
january 17 - 20, 2019

performance of alexandra bachzetsis, centre culturel suisse, paris, 2018. photo: marc domage

Alexandra Bachzetsis will present the performance Escape Act for 4 consecutive days at the theaterhaus gessnerallee, Zurich.


Desire is not desire for something that is missing, nor is it something that is repressed. Desire is a social machine that never ceases to produce. It produces us as subjects. It produces our bodies and prescribes relationships with other bodies. The unconscious is not a theater, but a factory. But if this is the case, the question is no longer from what identity (man, woman, heterosexual, homosexual, etc.) does desire spring, but rather how does this social factory work? And, is it possible to intervene in its operation to modify it?


Alexandra Bachzetsis creates a poetic device that allows the viewer to "perceive" the technical and socially constructed dimensions of desire. The piece gathers seven living bodies and a multitude of objects that connect and disconnect to form different desiring machines. Extracted from their usual context, the cubes, the cardboard boxes, the inflatable mattress, the weights, the ball, etc., all become surreal readymades that plug into the living body in order to become its new desiring or desired organs. References to the world of bricolage, sports, or pharmacology work as hyperboles which emphasize social construction.

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