Anri Sala - Clocked Perspective

Museo Jumex - Mexico City
From March 2017

anri sala, clocked perspective, 2012. courtesy of museo jumex.

The plaza in front of Museo Jumex is destined for works conceived for open spaces. The program for 2017 starts with Clocked Perspective (2012) by the artist Anri Sala (b. Albania, 1974), a work in the Colección Jumex on view from March onwards. The piece was produced for the thirteenth dOCUMENTA, one of the most important contemporary art shows in the world, held in the German city of Kassel every five years since 1955. 


Clocked Perspective was inspired by a little-known painting made by G. Ulbricht in 1825, on display in the Cabinet of Astronomy and Physics at the Orangerie, a building located in Kassel’s Karlsaue Park. The painting is a landscape dominated by a castle with a huge clock on the facade; the hands mark the time correctly as moving sculptural elements on the pictorial surface, yet upon closer examination the picture presents notable flaws in perspective. The castle is portrayed at an angle, with a vanishing point to the left, but the clo ck meets the viewer face-on. Interested in this discrepancy of perspective and how time can be both uniform and dissimilar, Anri Sala created this piece for outdoor display; it not only tells time but is also a representation of time in “perspective.” The clock does not merely occupy or adorn the space where it is placed, for beyond its aesthetic or physical attributes and its practical function as an object, this work triggers reflections on the concepts of perspective, space and time.

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