haegue yang - in the cone of uncertainty

the bass museum of art - miami beach
november 2, 2019 - april 5, 2020

haegue yang, boxing ballet, 2013/2015. vista de instalación de journal of echomimetic motions, bergen kunsthall, noruega, 2013. foto: thor brødreskift

Bringing together new and existing works spanning the last decade, In the Cone of Uncertainty foregrounds the artist’s consistent curiosity about the world and tireless experimentation with materializing the complexity of identity politics. The exhibition presents a selection of Yang’s oeuvre ranging from blind installations, anthropomorphic sculptures, light sculptures, and mural-like graphic wallpaper pieces, to thematic groupings of works related to certain topics, such as domesticity.


In addition to sculptural works, her approach often mobilizes performative as well as sonic and olfactory elements. Yang’s works are known not only for their diversity of media and methods, but also for their eloquent and seductive sculptural language of visual abstraction, often derived from her research concerning historical figures and events, and traditional craft techniques. Her multi-sensory environments to go on view at The Bass, prompt uncontrollable and fleeting connotations of time, place, figures and experiences that connect us – transcending the individual field of perception. Some of her anthropomorphic sculptures play with the notion of ‘folk’ as a vernacular idea, while also eclipsing it as a tradition of specific cultures.

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