damián ortega - cycles of collapsing progress

beirut museum of art - lebanon
septembre 22 - october 23, 2018

self portrait of damián ortega 

Cycles of Collapsing Progress is a month-long contemporary art exhibition organised by non-profit organisations BeMA and STUDIOCUR/ART, taking place at the Rashid Karami International Fair, designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer- located in Tripoli, North Lebanon and at the Citadel of Tripoli. 


The notion of cyclical time, common to past civilizations, is now considered archaic, for according to Romanian intellectual, Mircea Eliade modern societies have a linear understanding of time. This contemporary understanding considers progress as the only possible outcome and therefore does not take into account repeated cycles of collapse. 


The exhibition will present 18 projects in total, including 8 commissioned artworks along 10 produced works by artists from Lebanon and Mexico. The meeting of the two scenes allowed the exchange of geographical perspectives on the theme. This project includes residencies in Beirut (BAR-Beirut Art Residency) and Guadalajara (PAOS GDL). 

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