mariana castillo deball: finding oneself outside

new museum - new york
january22 - april 14, 2019

mariana castillo deball, installation view vista de ojos, kurimanzutto, new york, 2014.

The artist’s first solo show in a US museum will bring together a newly commissioned work and recent works never before seen in New York.


Working in sculpture, printmaking, photography, and installation, Mariana Castillo Deball (b. 1975, Mexico City, Mexico) considers the ways historical artifacts and material culture are recorded, appropriated, and circulated. In a number of her past works, the artist has shed light on pre-Hispanic and early colonial indigenous narratives to consider their legacies within Mexican identity as well as the transformations engendered by colonial encounters. Through both artistic and academic research, Castillo Deball examines how knowledge and cultural heritage are produced, organized, and authenticated through diverse modes of storytelling, collecting, and classification. Castillo Deball’s process also emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration, engaging archaeologists, novelists, ethnographers, historians, mathematicians, physicists, biologists, and paleontologists in her interrogations of subjects that span sciences and cultural histories.


This exhibition is curated by Natalie Bell, Associate Curator.