tarek atoui - the ground

vitamin creative space - guangzhou, China
september 30 - december 15, 2017

a sketch by tarek atoui during the research process in pearl river delta, vitamin archive, 2017.

The Ground is a composition which takes inspiration from the long-term observations of human practices within farming and agricultural context of the Pearl River Delta.


Like the cycles of soil that recovers from fertilizer, The Ground has no beginning and no end.


Its pulses and rhythms are the Mirrored Gardens’ traditional brick walls. Its timbers and textures are its piles of rocks and the aggregates that form these rocks.


Its sound libraries and samples are compost. Some were cut and collected over years, others are unused footage and recordings from past projects.


Its instruments are the swamps, the stones, and the wood of this place. Flutes share air the way ponds do with water, analogue pedals and electronic software filter and distribute sound the way farming spiral structures support plants.


Its space is the neighborhood’s fish ponds and their invisible connections. And like an aging tree in the bottom of a river, it is a space to invite musicians and artists to use it as a record, a bow, an orchestra. A studio, a garden or a temporary place to cultivate sound.


——Tarek Atoui

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