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frieze new york

kurimanzutto’s presentation at Frieze New York 2023 looks at various themes and ideasour gallery artists are working through and against in recent times. Gestures, marks andscratches on the canvas surfaces of Oscar Murillo and aluminium universes of WangShui,exposing the various ways their painterly explorations act as portals into these newsways of thinking. Geometry, abstraction and rule systems are examined across thepaintings and collages Carlos Amorales, Haegue Yang, and Gabriel Orozco. Working acrosssculpture and painting, the body and form are points of departure for Nairy Baghramian,Geles Cabrera, and Danh Vo, as well as Bárbara Sánchez-Kane and Roberto Gil de Montes,whether that involves looking at the history and politics offiguration, the affectedreligious body, or portraiture in its multiple modes of becoming. Landscapes andenvironments, be that urban or coastal, are critiqued by Abraham Cruzvillegas, DamiánOrtega, and Minerva Cuevas, looking at the politics that are inscribed within them.