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dr. lakra

For his second exhibition in Siembra, Dr. Lakra presents a series of collages on lithographs made from 19th century print, which originate from encyclopaedic publications in his collection that portray famous historical figures. Personalities such as Descartes, Plato, Copernicus and Isaac Newton appear sliced, combined and layered with a repertoire of graphic elements from various branches of science: anatomical, zoological and botanical illustrations from natural history publications. Characters that history has shrouded in an aura of grandeur and solemnity appear disfigured, subverted and tinged with the dark and eclectic aesthetics that are characteristic of the artist's work.

The thematic categories that organize encyclopaedic knowledge overflow and mingle throughout the series. In these collages, Dr. Lakra invokes the ghosts of Arcimboldo, Dada and surrealism, creating new portraits that are occupy the border between the comic and the grotesque.

Accompanying this series of collages is a selection of ink drawings in which Dr. Lakra eloquently pours characters, figures and patterns that reflect the stylistic and thematic influence which Eastern aesthetics has had on his practice. Through careful observation, Dr. Lakra experiments with technical elements and motifs from Japanese ink painting, appropriating them in his work with great ease.
Dr. Lakra is an avid collector of objects and materials ranging from erotic comics, prints, and magazines to books on anatomy, anthropology, ethnography, and historical encyclopaedias. Often his compositions are the result of an amalgamation of images from his archive and personal imaginary, built through his inquiries around the iconographies and visual references of different cultures, religions, myths and disciplines.