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oscar murillo - conditions yet not known

The exhibition arises as a continuation of an exploration that began at the Museo de Arte de la Universidad Nacional in 2014/2015, when María Belén Sáez de Ibarra, director of the Museo de Arte de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, invited Óscar Murillo to make Conditions Yet Not Known, a work where the artist could express himself freely and expand into the wide spaces of the venue: "It was the opportunity to present my work as I feel it, without any stigma, without any speculation, the genesis of all my work where the black matter in its abstract condition is an infinite space of negative discharge, which does not use the symbolic or the figurative but black energy as the beginning and end of the possibilities of things," assures the artist.
This was the beginning of a search in which this black matter infiltrated all his exhibitions worldwide: Banku in Azerbaijan; Croatia; the 56th Venice Biennial; the 10th Berlin Biennial of Contemporary Art; the 2nd Triennial of Hangzhou, China, etc. And Murillo continues, "abstract spaces were created from this discharge, therapy spaces, with the desire that the person arrives and discharges his energy regardless of how it will be, without channeling it or assume, but leaving the audience can sustain that communication with the space created and whose relationship is intimate."

Curated by María Belén Sáez de Ibarra.