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sofía táboas - thermal range

Temperature has been considered as part of the context of the work or as a secondary element, but the artist Sofía Táboas places this concept at the center of her most recent production, brought together in her exhibition Thermal range. The exhibition has been conceptualized by Kit Hammonds, chief curator of the Museo Jumex in Mexico City.

Throughout her production, Sofía has explored the space based on its construction, and how it is conceived and transformed, she also addresses the distinction between the public and the private, emphasizing materials, their transformation and displacement.

Those interests are present in this exhibition that brings together 34 works, between recent and unpublished. In Thermal range, the artist prioritizes the viewer's perception in the broad spectrum of the senses and not only limited to the visual. Thus, she focuses on the effects of heat and cold, using color and light; also on how temperature and the environment transform materials. At the same time, she poses different types of spaces through which the individual travels: the interior, the exterior and the threshold.