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Carlos Amorales participates in Fondazione Adolfo Pini in Milan with her exhibition L´ora Dannata

Carlos Amorales is interested in language, images and their variants and more generally, in communication systems, their constant renewal, their potential and their pitfalls; in the mechanisms that all ow some narratives to emerge, at the expense of others; and by extension, the question of dominant erepresentations, the manipulation of communication and though itself. In his practice, visual art, music, animation and poetry converge, all of them combined, with great formal rigor, in the name of an awareness of the present and its tensions.

The Fondazione Adolfo Pini, Milan, presents the exhibition l´ora dannata conceived by the artist Carlos Amorales for the foundation. The exhibition is based on his life-size installation Black Clouds, composed of 15,000 black butterfflies that invade the spaces, and on several pieces of his project Life in the Fold, which focuses on human violence against other human beings. In additionto them, the exhibition incluides sillhouttes and other by the artist, who focuses his research on language and communication. Amorales works reflect on images and their transformation or analyse communication systems, investigate their evolution and the ways in which particular narratives are disseminated at the expense of others.

With this exhibiton Amorales refers to this own country, Mexico; but at the same time he speaks to us of extremely current discrepancies and tensions all over the world, and of the need to identify the origin of our ghosts, to recognize their significance, matrix, ideological value.