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abraham cruzvillegas and bárbara foulkes participate in art basel miami beach - grand ballroom with autorreconstrucción: to insist, to insist, to insist

kurimanzutto is pleased to announce that Art Basel and The Kitchen will present the multidisciplinary installation of Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas and Argentine choreographer Bárbara Foulkes at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Art Basel partners with curator Philipp Kaiser and The Kitchen - one of New York City's most historic non-profit spaces - to present a new version of Self-Reconstruction: Insist, Insist, Insist by Abraham Cruzvillegas. The multidisciplinary installation has been specifically adapted for Miami Beach and will combine elements of sculpture, performance, dance and music. The work, which is supported by MGM Resorts Art & Culture, will be presented in the newly designed Grand Ballroom at the Miami Beach Downtown Convention (MBCC), free and open to the public.

Autorreconstrucción: Insistir, Insistir, Insistir was originally presented in front of a small audience, in an abandoned dance space in Colonia Roma, Mexico City. The installation premiered for the first time in the United States at The Kitchen last April, 2018. In its basic parts, 'Self-reconstruction: Insist, insist, insist ... consists of an assembly created with materials found in the immediate vicinity of the site. during the weeks prior to the public presentation of the project. The resulting sculpture is suspended in an open space, and the performances are created by choreographer and co-author Bárbara Foulkes, with improvised dancers and musicians, echoing the cultural promoter and musician Andrés García.

The project is free and open to the public. Doors open 30 minutes before