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Anri Sala participates in Castillo Di Rivoli in Turin with her exhibition As You Go

Anri Sala creates film and music installations, sculptures, photographs and drawings that investigate ruptures in history.

The artist uses the architectural space to fold together visual, sound and tactile elements in order to generate new interpretations of history and new possibilities within an emancipatory vision of language and culture. Specifically designed for the spaces on the third floor of the Castello, this large exhibition project brings together some of the most significant filmic works created by the artist in recent years, including Ravel (2013), Take Over (2017) and If and only if (2018). As components of an unusual orchestra, the three works will be projected in the galleries of the Castello by a complex technological mechanism created by the artist using augmented reality as a tool, able to offer visitors an immersive experience of high emotional and synaesthetic impact. According to the artist’s project, the projections will unfold along a special wall that crosses through all galleries of the space and the exhibition will take the form of a “parade,” with a flow of moving images and multiple narratives. Finally, more than a presentation of three interwoven film works, it is a projection device that becomes a unique and gigantic sculpture in movement.

Drafted by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev and Marcella Beccaria