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Danh Vo participates in South London Gallery with her exhibition Untitled

The South London Gallery presents the first major exhibiton in London by artist Danh Vo. It will be the first individual exhibition to cover the main space of the gallery and the fire station building.For to the concept of the exhibition are ideas about plurality, with the artist working in these multiple spaces, using a variety of working methods and collaborating with diverse people in the course of this work, wheter it be this father, friend, love or teacher, his students, technician or others he meets along the way.

The exhibition will continue with Danh Vo's conceptual practice, in which he interwaves fragments of archives and personal references, often evoking experiences of migration and integration to destabilize the structures of legitimacy integrated within citzenship and identification. The japanese American sculptor, Isamu Noguchi (1904-88). considered hybridization as the core of his identy, method and theme of his work, and strove to crate something universal by uniting the natural and the artificial. He has been a very influential figure for Danh Vo, his work is a guide in all his practice, and in the concecption of this exhibition.