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facebook live: wilfredo prieto's "fake news" book presentation

Wilfredo Prieto and Patrick Charpenel will talk on Facebook Live about "Fake News", published by Zolo Press on Thursday, April 29 at 5 pm on kurimanzutto's facebook and youtube channels.

Wilfredo Prieto's "Fake News" project was presented for the first time in April 2020 at Galería La Habana. The publication of the exhibition brings together the 360 ​​paintings made for Galería La Habana with a conversation between Prieto and curator Patrick Charpenel .

- Wilfredo Prieto wakes up, reads the news on his phone and paints twelve headlines. Then he hangs them in the Galería Habana just before the inauguration. Day 1: "How to cut the salary of your footballers"; "Millions of flowers destroyed by falling demand"; "Textile, cosmetic and beverage companies will make material"; "Overcrowded and without water after fleeing the war" ... Perform this ritual nine more times: one month in total.