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Mariana Castillo Deball participates in Scad Museum of Art in Savannah with her exhibition To-Day, February 20th

SCAD Museum of Art presents "To-Day, February 20th" an exhibition by Berlin, Germany-based Mexican artist Mariana Castillo Deball. The work of Castillo Deball utilizes methodologies similar to social sciences such as anthropology and ethnography, and considers the problem of visualizing the intangible, like events, histories and knowledge. The centrality of research in her projects leads to long artistic processes and collaborations with specialists, and culminates in exhibitions and publications that have strong bonds with specific sites and idiosyncrasies.

For her exhibition at the SCAD Museum of Art, Castillo Deball presents the most recent iteration of the project "To-Day," which combines historical research about a specific site and a physical form that contains this research, which the artist calls a "fictional character."

Castillo Deball presents a modular staircase structure that has been designed by the artist specifically for Gallery 109 within the SCAD Museum of Art. This structure is covered with a pattern that the artist has created in relationship to the research about the history of Savannah and the date. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the structure by transiting, climbing or sitting on it. Therefore, "To-Day, February 20th" reacts both to the architecture of the museum and the history of Savannah, while it considers objects as histories and histories as objects.