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news: Ana Segovia joins kurimanzutto

We are delighted to welcome Ana Segovia to the gallery and are honored to build an exciting future together.

Ana Segovia produces images through paintings that subvert the heteronormativity of popular imaginaries. The artist revisits mythical scenes and figures from industries like film and sports, reconfiguring their hegemonic role as idealized models of masculinity. An intimate connection to cinema constantly inspires and drives him to transgress norms. Segovia takes familiar images from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and the Western genre, intervening in their forms, altering their tonalities, and dislocating them. It’s in this disruption where he reveals the montage, artifice, and the performativity in constructing gender and national identities.

Segovia's paintings confront viewers with undefined faces, strident color palettes, and scenes infused with humor that juxtaposes the serious. His work positions playfulness as a political tool, challenging and creating tensions in a dialogue between the norm and the unconventional. Segovia rewrites our visual models, inviting us to reconsider them, and offers the possibility of encountering the familiar from a perspective that questions and blurs its contours.