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news: kurimanzutto hosting château shatto for condo 2024

For the 2024 edition of Condo—a collaborative exhibition by 40 galleries across 20 Mexico City spaces—kurimanzutto is glad to host Los Angeles gallery Château Shatto presenting works by Aria Dean and Zeinab Saleh. 

Preview days: April 11–13, 2024
On view through May 11, 2024


Aria Dean's (b. 1993) multifarious practice employs sculpture, video, and writing to brace a playful and probing dialogue with representational systems. Dean’s inventive sculptural language feasts on the formal and material histories of Minimalism, anti-illusionism, and image piracy. Her most recent, monochromatic compositions are realized by migrating ballistics simulations from virtual space into material form. Each work captures a moment in which a three-dimension composition is subject to torque and compression, representing a durational event through its individual stages of manipulation. 

Zeinab Saleh (b. 1996) moves charcoal, chalk, and acrylic across paper and canvas, her gestures oriented towards the affective states of emotion and mood. In Saleh’s work, emotive dispositions are suffused in tone and shade; sonic material refracted through gesture; and observational studies softened into phantasmic forms. Through this consummation of form and concern, Saleh’s works settle as gathering sites for observation, memory and expository rumination. 


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