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Roman Ondak participates in Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie Regensburg in Regensburg with her exhibition Based on True Events

In the exhibition Based on True Events, the Slovak artist Roman Ondak  deals with the current social and political imponderables. According to true events, the title of the show promises, but in our world of fake news, alternative and post-facts, this promise has become disturbing. What is true and who determines what truth is? And what is the distance to reality from the word "after"? Roman Ondak's conceptual art has always been such uncomfortable questions, now it is more relevant than ever.

In Regensburg, he builds on his documenta contribution Observations (1995/2011) and shows for the first time New Observations (1995/2018), both series of photographs taken from a sixty-year-old textbook on human communication. Deprived of their original context, the photos and captions turn out to be pseudoscientific and unintentionally funny. The space installation Signature (2014) shows the esteemed typewriter from Ondak's childhood days - dissected into fifty individual parts. The artist dissects his past and reassembles it in a new way. In addition to well-known works such as the film Lucky Day (2006), the exhibition also features new masterpieces such as Perfect Society (2018) and Planets I-X (2016-18).

Based on very personal impressions - objects and experiences - Roman Ondak creates works that are clever and at the same time universally understandable and accessible. He receives the Lovis Corinth Prize 2018 for his humanist ideals, globally valid art.