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performance | alexandra bachzetsis: notebook

The New York debut of Alexandra Bachzetsis' Notebook is a profound and lustful exploration by the performer of her own biography as a dancer, choreographer and artist. The piece was not created in isolation, but within the framework of a dialogue, a method developed by Bachzetsis especially for this project. With her dialogue partners: Lies Vanborm, Safiya Sinclair, Michel Auder, Emi Curty, Zeltia Robin, Marco Delgado, Nadine Fuchs, Lili-Mar-lo Delgado Fuchs, Mélissa Biondo, Loren Tschannen, Antoine Weil, Owen Ridley-DeMonick, Dorota Sajewska and Alban Schelbert, she developed a performative installation in which the encounters with the others can be found again in the form of material and immaterial traces, voices, remains. A dance dialogue with Antoine Weil is (re) performed in part of SOLO live and the whole piece is accompanied by live sound composed by Alban Schelbert.

Themes such as lust, sexuality, excess, innocence, pain and ephemerality are ad-dressed in the form of performative notes that manifest themselves in a plurality of voices, images, bodies and objects. The notebook as an indispensable companion of the artistic process, as a private archive of creative work and as a storehouse of ideas for imagined future projects thus reflects Bachzetsis’ artistic affinity for the fragmentary, sketchy, unfinished in creative and performative thinking processes. Here, the body becomes a physical archive of other bodies, the most subversive form of presentation of experience as well as a place of permanent mediation bet-ween past and present, event and documentation, liveliness and mediality, origina-lity and quotativeness.

Text by Dorota Sajewska


June 26 & 27, 6:30 pm 

kurimanzutto New York 

516 w 20th street


Free entry, rsvp required 



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